Book Reviews by Author Last Name

All book reviews great and small in author name.  If you have a review request or book recommendations, feel free to leave it here!  If I’ve read (and remember) it, I’ll take it into consideration for review.  Recommendations are always welcome; I add them to my Goodreads list.

Abercrombie, Joe

Ballagh, Jonathan

Beatty, Robert

Black, Fia

Butcher, Jim

Corbett, Klaus Augustus

Dashner, James

Denzil, Sarah A.

Draven, Grace

Else, Rae

Ferrara, Jonathan L.

Fortune, Dion

Gaiman, Neil

Ginsburg, B. W.

Green, John

Gregory, Daryl

Hawking, Stephen

Hawkins, K. J.

Jacob, Petra

Jacques, Brian

Koontz, Dean

Maas, Sarah J.

Martin, George R. R.

Martin, George R. R. & Tuttle, Lisa

McIntyre, Katherine

Pen, Paul

Reid, Aidan J.

Riggs, Ransom

Rothfuss, Patrick

Rowling, J. K.

Ryan, Jonathan

Sanderson, Brandon

Stiefvater, Maggie

Thorpe, Patrick

Vaughn, Brian K. & Staples, Fiona

Walton, Evangeline