My collection of macros.  Some of the words are mine; most of them belong to more established others.  None of the pictures are of my creation.   Anything that doesn’t belong to me will have source links if they’re available.  As of now all of the images are centered around Final Fantasy VII (which should come as no surprise).
A brief note about quotes.  I don’t always put the source on the picture as I often think it disturbs the aesthetic.  This is usually the case where the image contains people.  I double checked to ensure I wasn’t just doing this with words not my own, and I wasn’t.  There are several macros with quotes from Northern Lights that I didn’t source on the macro itself.  Because of this, if the macro is shared, I hope that the entirety of the post is as well.  Not so much to give me credit since I neither rendered the image nor wrote the quote (in some cases), but rather to give credit to the original creators.  I merely put two things together, interlocking pieces that I hope others can see well fit.

“The truth will transform you…”

All We Are

Angel of Light

Beautifully Sewn

Better Left Alone

A Bloody Sword

Cursed Forever

Descending Doom

For the Sake of an Angel

Haunting Our Memories

The Hero’s Path Distorted

It Stays With You

The Light of the Truth

The Lily in the Lake

A Little Something Sweet, and Sappy

Mother Is the Name for God

A Mother’s Love

Pay My Respects

Porcelain, Ivory, Steel

The Promises of Darkness

Sea of Stars

The Shadow

The Sum of Our Grief

Sweetness and Rue

Through the Seams

Til Human Voices Wake Us

The Woes of War

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