30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 18

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Day 18: Favorite protagonist.

Why is this question harder than favorite antagonist?  Athena from AmbiGaming asks the same thing in her post to the same, so if you’re seeking some clues to the answer, I’d suggest you look there.

For Final Fantasy, it’s a toss up between Cecil Harvey from IV and Celes Chere from VI.  Cecil manages to fight and overcome the darkness that threatens to consume him and manages to consume *spoiler* his brother and his best friend *end spoiler* at least for a time, because Cecil is a literal white knight at heart.

DFF_FFIV-Moonknight by NiwaRIKU89

Then there’s Celes who went from general to prisoner to rebel to depression/suicidal after she lost everything.  I never realized how deep that part of the game was until I was older, but if certain things go awry (even after the world ends), Celes throws herself into the sea.

Celes by Asumi

For non-Final Fantasy Aurora from Child of Light is up there.  She’s brave, resourceful, and compassionate, much more mature than her years even in the beginning when she’s a little girl.  She’s the best fairy tale heroine I’ve ever come across, doesn’t  bleed “damsel in distress” in the least, even throughout all the trials and heartbreaking revelations in Lemuria.

Favorite protagonists are hard to pick.  I can’t pinpoint just one like I can with villains.  I think it’s because with villains we pick our favorites based on what qualities inspire the most sympathy and connection.  In a way we may fear falling as they did, so we might be more forgiving for our favorites because we see a reflection of ourselves.  There are many different ways to be a protagonist (not saying there aren’t many different ways to be a villain), and each one we find will have qualities we like and can look up to.  This may be why we’re more likely to like different types of protagonists, but generally prefer one type of villain.

Let’s hear your favorite protagonists in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 18

  1. Forever and always Lightning Farron – The One Woman Army, Chosen Knight, and Badass Savior 😀

    Runner ups:

    Aloy from HZD. She’s strong, compassionate, and a sarcastic smartass. She’s actually a lot like Lightning, but shows her emotions much more freely so people understand her. I’m more like Lightning in the sense that I bottle them up behind a mask of indifference, that no one understands at all, haha.

    Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed. He grew a lot during his trilogy (all the cool protagonists have trilogies). At first I thought he was just an annoying playboy, but he evolved into a wise Master Assassin. Also, that Italian accent… *fans self*

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    1. I guess the question isn’t hard for everyone hehe. I guess it depends on whether your favorite character is considered a protagonist or an antagonist. Aloy almost topped Lightning at one point. I was quite surprised! If Aloy is more forthcoming with her emotions though, I can see why you’d go back to Lightning since we tend to like what we feel closest to (we’re ALL narcissists :p)

      Assassins are just hot to begin with by nature of being assassins, but throw in a sexy accent and you can have a bounty on me *swoons*

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