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Snow Queen Elsa

I was extremely hesitant to see this movie. So much so that I did do so until this Monday (2/17/14) when it was released on 11/27/13 (yes, it’s still in theaters, which is very surprising since it comes out on 3/18/14), My reasons for hesitancy have to do with reading some less than stellar speculations about how Disney was now out to ruin Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale The Snow Queen, which it’s loosely based on. After seeing the movie, I’d say it’s more inspired by or to put it another way kind of a fanfiction of The Snow Queen (but then I could make the argument that everything is a fanfiction of something, which is a whole other blog post). When I first discovered that Disney reworked and watered down classic fairytales I was extremely annoyed in the way only a teenager can be. I much preferred the darker and…

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